What to expect on your first visit with Assoc. Professor Stubbs

The first visit is designed for Assoc. Stubbs to ask you relevant questions (called a clinical history) and then examine your mouth and jaws (called a clinical examination). It is both these steps that enables us to make a clinical diagnosis.

A medical history form (Click here to download the Medical History Form) needs to be completed, including any medication you might be prescribed. The history form is a little more detailed than you might be used to filling in when attending the dentist, but as a specialist dentist in Oral Medicine often the mouth can be affected by a health problem or a medication you may be taking.

Please bring any relevant imaging (such as a radiograph; CAT scan or MRI scans and the matching reports) or blood tests your doctor may have already had done for you. This helps save a lot of time and enables us to derive a diagnosis without the need of additional costs for repeat imaging.

Any further investigations needed by Assoc. Stubbs will be discussed with you at the time of this first visit. Sometimes this might require a biopsy or more detailed imaging of your jaws/face. Sometimes pain can be managed simply while further investigations or tests are arranged.


Fees for treatment

If you have dental insurance (part of your health insurance extras) then the cost of the treatment can be reduced.

An initial consultation with Assoc. Stubbs costs $350

The Dental item codes that you can check with your health insurer are:

  • 017 $180 (Extended Consultation)
  • 963 $170 (Occlusal analysis)

This will let you know ahead of your first visit with Assoc. Stubbs, what you’re out of pocket costs will be for the first visit

All other treatment that may be required will be discussed and dental item numbers provided at the time of your first visit