Dental Sleep Medicine

This is a unique area of dentistry in which colleagues work with sleep physicians or sleep scientists to treat a patient diagnosed with a sleep disordered breathing condition such as obstructive sleep apnoea; upper airways resistance syndrome (UARS) or snoring.

The treatment involves the making of a custom dental device which holds the patient’s mandible (lower jaw) forward and thereby holding the tongue forward and the soft palate to a less degree, to mechanical prevent the collapse of the airway during sleep. Ensuring a patient sleeps well and experiences the proper REM (Rapid Eye Movement) form of sleep which is critical to feeling refreshed on awakening in the morning.

Assoc. Stubbs teaches other dental colleagues through his courses of both

  1. Introduction to Dental Sleep Medicine and
  2. Advanced Course in Dental Sleep Medicine

These courses are run nationally, and if you are a dentist interested in learning more about treating a patient with a snoring or sleep apnoea related disorder, then emailing Assoc. Stubbs we can notify you of the course details and when the next programme is being held.